I hope that you are all keeping well and haven’t grown webbed feet after all the rain. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful place and hopefully you all stayed dry.

It was lovely to see so many people at the AGM and I welcome all the members of the new committee, and look forward to working with them (see below). A special thanks to Rick Riddle for his ongoing support and keeping us going through Covid. Thanks to all the members who are leaving the committee after giving so much of your time and expertise.

Also a big thanks to Doug Tear and his helpers for putting out the chairs, and Margaret Boukaseff and her helpers for a lovely morning tea.

Hopefully it will be year full of friendship, fellowship and fun and lots of travel. Speaking of travel we have quite a few exciting trips already on the go, Barrington Tops, Tumut, and Bundanon. Can’t forget the Harbour Cruise and Christmas in July and the garden trip, the races and the museum. Phew, just from these examples we look to be moving forward and enjoying our lives again. Of course practice caution regarding Covid and keep safe.

I believe that the pub crawl was a great success and lots of information regarding the pub was collected and a enjoyable lunch was had by all. Can’t wait for the next one.

It was great to see Rick Riddle at the Country Club Happy Hour looking well after his operation. About 40 people were at Happy Hour and many stayed for dinner afterwards. Lots of laughter and chatter, although a little bit disappointing that there was not Irish dancing being St Patrick’s Day. Next month we may see some members from the other Probus Club and I know you will make them feel welcome and enjoy their company.

Wishing you all the best, stay well and stay safe.


Folliowing the Annual General Meeting on 10th March 2022 a new Committee was elected.

President: Maria McGrath
Senior Vice President: Michael Hatton
Vice President: Mariam Malone
Secretary: Jane Coulter
Membership Officer: Laurel Dodson
Treasurer: Lois Wilson
Groups Coordinator: Daphne Daley
Communications Officer: Lyn Manitta
Guest Speakers Convenor: Ross Beckhouse
Outings Coordinator: Phil Turley
Care & Support Coordinator: Aileen White
Immediate Past President: Rick Riddle

Outgoing Committee Members
Outgoing Committee members were thanked for their hard work over a number of years on the Committee:
Jan Jeffery,
Rod Jeffery,
Tony Rae,
Bernadette Shipton
Tanya Morton

outgoing committee members

Happy hour drinks and historic pubs
Carley 1
The investment group has changed its venue from the Palace Hotel to Room AB4 in the Admin centre. The meeting time is unchanged at 3pm on the first Monday of each month. The April meeting will be on Monday 4 April.

Graham the groups Convenor says he has $100,000 for anyone who wishes to join the group this year. A few of our long standing members have moved on and we have some vacancies for Probus members who are interested in trying their hand at investing and sharing their insights.

Last year our most successful investor, a lady, achieved a 70% return compared to 6% achieved by the ASX over the same period. Was it luck or skill…. You be the judge.
Come along to the Admin Centre the first Monday each month at 3pm if you want to be involved.

Graham Stevens, Convenor.

spit 4 crop[1045]

A gorgeous early autumn day was finally delivered and after 2 rain delays, we were finally able to do our walk! 10 walkers made the journey to Cabarita Wharf for the start of our adventure. We travelled by ferry to Barangaroo then walked to our bus which took us to the beginning of the walk at The Spit Bridge.

At this point I need to thank our intrepid leader Barry for “arranging” to have the bridge open on our arrival. This allowed us time to marvel at the functionality of the bridge, take photos & appreciate where we were without passing traffic. Four tall-masted pleasure boats passed through the opening, which seems a very small number considering how many road users were stopped to allow them passage!

The walk starts at the northern side of the bridge at Clontarf Beach. It’s a 10km walk that National Parks has rated as a grade 3. They did warn us of the “many steps” and that there are “some obstacles”, some we found easier to negotiate than others. We had a quick pit stop & coffee, then started our walk in earnest.

Our adventure took us through beautiful bushland with plentiful photo opportunities of spectacular scenery and bush plants (native violets, birdsnest ferns, flannel flowers, casuarinas & even 1 our plant “expert” was unable to immediately identify). We saw many, many water dragons and the wonderful 1000 year old Aboriginal rock engravings at Grotto Point. Castle Rock Beach, Middle Harbour, with the city skyline in the distance & Sydney Heads were somewhat distracting, but we made it to Reef Beach where we stopped for a rest & a bite to eat.

From here we walked along the beach & rocks & finally, streets (gorgeous real estate!) to Manly Wharf, the ferry back to Circular Quay & the river cat back to Cabarita & Breakfast Point. Yes, there were many, many steps up & just as many down. Yes, many of these were wet & somewhat muddy & yes some of us had sore knees & mud spattered clothes & shoes, but everyone enjoyed the walk & greatly appreciated the planning involved. Sadly we had 1 casualty due to the heat & humidity, which were brutal in the still air of the bushland. Once again our leader had a plan in place & 2 walk starters finished early, getting to Manly Wharf by taxi rather than on foot. I’m very pleased to report that they made it safely home too.
An excellent adventure & we’re looking forward to the next!

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