Dear members

Attached is a draft version of the new Membership List for 2022-23.

An updated list is forwarded to members in August each year. The attached draft contains any changes already notified since last August. However, we are asking everyone to check their details for outdated or incorrect information.

If your entry does require any changes, please forward the correct details to Jo Hutton, Assistant Membership Secretary, at After all changes to details have been completed, the final list for 2022-23 will be sent to members in mid-August.

As well as the details on the attached list, the Management Committee keeps a record of members' home addresses, which may be needed in certain circumstances. If you have changed your address recently and haven't notified us, it would be appreciated if you could forward your new address. It will be kept confidential, for use by the Committee if required.

Kind regards

Laurel Dodson
Membership Secretary


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