Annual membership fees have been set at $35.00 and this will be ratified at the AGM on 9th March 2023. Fees are payable by 1 April 2023. Fees can be paid by cheque at the March meeting or by EFT (see website for details).

As there are a number of people waiting to join the Club, it is timely to remind members who are not active in the Club to consider if they want to continue their membership in Probus.

PSPL introduced non active membership to assist Clubs with long waiting lists as well as members who are unable to attend meetings due to long-term illness. An example would be a member who is frail and ill and therefore unable to attend meetings or participate in other activities of the Club.

Non active members are not included in the Club’s member count which allows those prospective members on a Club’s waiting list to be approved as an ordinary member. Non active members do not need to pay fees. When a non active member recovers from their illness or disability they can resume ordinary membership and will be offered the next available vacancy.

If you would like to discuss non active membership please contact Marian Malone at


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