Meeting Information

Currently General Meetings are subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

General Meetings for all members are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Breakfast Point Community Hall, beginning at 10.00am.

Members are invited to arrive from 9.30am to chat, catch up with friends beforehand, select a book from the book exchange or visit the outings desk.

The format generally is:

  • 09.30 Arrive, pick up and wear your badge and catch up with other members
  • 10.00 Meeting starts
  • 10.45 Morning tea provided
  • 11.15 Guest speaker
  • 12.00 Guest speaker finishes and members help store the furniture.

Please don’t forget to return your badge on the way out of the Hall.

After each meeting there is usually the opportunity for lunch at the Country Club. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the chat and food. The Guest Speaker often attends the lunch too.

If you are an apology for a meeting, please fill in the Meeting Apology form on the sidebar of this page. 

If you would like to invite a guest please contact the Membership Officer .

MORNING TEA ROSTER 2022.    Hospitality Officer- Margaret B.

For changes etc email Margaret via Hospitality Officer or phone her via the Probus Members List.

Thursday, March 10

Margaret Cr

Julie Br

Thursday, April 14

Carolyn A-C

Helen Be

Thursday, May 12

Patty Hu

Helen Sm

Thursday, June 09

Ronda Al

Margaret Ni

Thursday, July 14

Betty O’N

Jeanne Wa

Thursday, August 11

Sue De

Lyn Sm

Thursday, September 08

Cathy Sa

Jill Law

Thursday, October 13

Aileen Wh

Anne Bu

Thursday, November 10

Dianne Bla

Wendy Sch

Thursday, December 08

Christmas party

Thursday, January 12

Barbeque – sausage sizzle

Thursday, February 09

Maria Pl

Helen Be


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