Photos about us!

The Photo Gallery is the ideal place to share the photos you take on outings and events.

When contributing please fill the form and submit it NB: within the form is an easy way to send one photo.

All enquiries about photos should go to Probus Pics editor

Ways to send photos

Photo details and submitting a single photo to the Pics editor

  1. One photo – attach it using the link at the bottom of the form.
  2. A couple – attach in an email and send to
  3. Large numbers of photo’s won’t send in one go due to email file size restrictions. You can send multiple emails or send the images in a link or file. Options include:
    1. APPLE photo sharing hints
    2. ANDROID photo sharing ideas
    NB: There are as many ways to send photos as there is hardware, software and cloud storage!! Use whatever you are used to but contact the Pics Editor if you have a problem.
  5. Save to a USB Flash Drive (thumb drive, memory stick) and pass it onto the Pics Editor, an outing or Groups convenor. It will be returned once your photos are copied.

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